August 18, 2017

Taiwan unveils its anti-radiation suicide drone

Taiwan’s National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology has unveiled its anti-radiation suicide drone at this year’s Taipei Aerospace and Defence Technology Exhibition.

Vietnam confirms purchase of cruise missiles from India

The world's fastest anti-ship cruise missile will bolster the country's 'peaceful' defense policies.
Vietnam's government has confirmed it has taken delivery of a batch of short-range ramjet supersonic cruise missiles from India.

Foreign ministry spokeswoman Le Thi Thu Hang said at a press briefing on Thursday that Vietnam is developing defense cooperation with India to allow the country to pursue its defense policies.

“The arms purchase is in line with Vietnam’s peaceful national defense policies aimed at protecting the country,” Hang said.

She said the strategic comprehensive partnership between Vietnam and India is growing in various areas and contributing to peace, stability and development in the region and the world.

The BrahMos missile was developed by Russia's NPO Mashinostroeyenia and India’s Defense Research and Development Organization. It is the world’s fastest anti-ship cruise missile in operation, traveling at speeds of 3,400-3,700 kilometers per hour.

The three-ton missiles can be launched from submarines, ships, aircraft or land.

India has already supplied patrol vessels to Vietnam and has been providing military training, but the missiles are the first arms trade deal between the two countries.

Details of the value of the deal have not been revealed.

Vietnam is building up its military amid tensions in the disputed East Sea, which is known internationally as the South China Sea. The country has also ordered six Kilo-class diesel-electric submarines from Russia in a deal worth $2 billion. The latest arrived last January.

India to buy six AH-64E

India’s Defence Acquisition Council (DAC) has approved the purchase of six Boeing AH-64E attack helicopters for the Army.

AV-8B Harrier II Ops Aboard USS Bonhomme Richard

US Army - Special Forces Static Line & Free Fall Parajump

US Marines in the desert

PLA horse training

August 17, 2017

F-35B Ski Jump Testing

An F-35B flies test sorties during the second phase of ski jump testing at Naval Air Station Patuxent River, Maryland. The U.K. Royal Navy’s F-35B fleet will use this method to launch from their carriers; the Royal Navy has used sloped-deck ski jump ramps for carrier operations for decades

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