July 27, 2017

Indonesia plans to buy 11 Su-35s, looking at Chinese drones

Indonesia’s Defense Minister Ryamizard Ryacudu told reporters after a cabinet meeting on military procurement that Jakarta plans to buy 11 Su-35 fighters.

Macron has offered to donate 31 Jaguars to India

French daily Le Point has confirmed that President Emmanuel Macron intends to donate 31 ex-French Air Force Jaguar fighters to India.

Chinese Dong Feng 41 - Possible trials for rail transportation

Rafale A prototype put on display at Musee Air Espace

Formation flight of the j-20 and J-16

Goa Shipyard Ltd(GSL) built Sri Lankan Navy AOPV Sayurala sails fm Goa

Russia - China Army/Air Force Games 2017 to be hosted in China

Long Range Artillery Weapon Firing Tests

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