June 22, 2017

ISIS terrorist peeing in his pants before being neutralized by YPJ, YPG, SDF forces

A400M Beach Operations

Two RuAF Yak-130 jets (43white/RF-44496, Borisoglebsk & 55red/RF-44583, Armavir) reportedly conducted emergency landings today

Marine tosses a smoke grenade during a Saber Strike 17 breach drill in Latvia

International Yoga Day celebrated all over the world

The Rafale Solo Display at the Paris Air Show

The Jackal 2 in 360° | British Army

Paris Air Show: Eye of the Tiger

June 21, 2017

Tracking Point M600

US Navy - NAWCWD Land Range

Raytheon - Special Mission Aircraft

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) fired a short-range ballistic missile from a cargo ship out at sea

Indian Navy - Yoga Day June 21 on board Sindhughosh-class submarine - (S55)

New video of T-14 Armata tank, firing tests

Su-27SM3 with 4 R-73 and 6 R-27 A2A

International Yoga Day2017 Onboard INS Shivalik,Kamorta and Jyoti in the Indian Ocean

Mockup of Wing-Loong II at Paris Air Show 2017

Islamic State Claims Killing Of Iran's IRGC Cmdr Ali Ridha Qabadi Near Palmyra

Potato Launcher DIY

Singapore Details Ongoing Upgrades to Leopard 2SG MBTs

An unspecified number of the Singapore Army's Leopard 2SG MBTs have received a new sighting system for the vehicle commander. At least two upgraded examples were shown at the Army Open House 2017 exhibition in May. (photo : Jane's)

The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) is continuing to improve the combat effectiveness of its fleet of ex-Bundeswehr Leopard 2A4 main battle tanks (MBTs) with new capabilities, with the most recent addition revealed to be a commander's panoramic sighting system.

At least two upgraded Leopard 2A4 MBTs - which are operated by the Singapore Army under the designation of Leopard 2SG - featuring the new system, called the Commander's Open Architecture Panoramic Sight (COAPS) were exhibited in public at the Army Open House 2017 (AOH 2017) event from 27-29 May.

"COAPS is part of the SAF's effort to upgrade the Leopard 2SG since 2010," the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) revealed to Jane's in an 18 June statement. "Other ongoing upgrades include [the installation] of battlefield management system (BMS), crew compartment cooling system, auxiliary power unit [APU], reverse camera, internal vehicle electronics, and fire-control system [FCS] modifications."

Singapore Army personnel with whom Jane's spoke to at AOH 2017 said the new sighting system is supplied by STELOP. The company is a subsidiary of Singapore Technologies (ST) Electronics, which is the advanced electronics and communication development arm of local defence prime ST Engineering. However, industry sources told Jane's that STELOP is manufacturing COAPS under license from Israel's Elbit Systems Electro-optics (ELOP), which has been offering the system on the international market since it was launched in March 2010.

According to Elbit's specifications, COAPS is a modular dual-axis stabilised sight aimed specifically at armoured fighting vehicle (AFV) and MBT applications. Based on an open architecture design, it can be configured with different sensors, including 3-5 µm or 8-12 µm thermal imagers, day and night charge-coupled device (CCD) cameras, and eye-safe laser rangefinders, to suit mission requirements.

Pakistani JF-17 shoots down Iranian drone over Pakistani Airspace

Terrorist supporting Pakistan at odds with all its neighbors 

An Iranian spy drone was shot down by PAF JF17 over Panjgur, Balochistan, some 45km inside Pakistan territory on Tuesday.

The incident is first of its kind in the history of two Islamic neighbours, which share a 900 kilometre long porous border.The drone’s downing was reported amid an emergency flag meeting between Pakistani and Iranian officials following the unprovoked firing of several mortar shells into Pakistani territory over the weekend.

On Sunday, Iranian border security forces launched several mortar shells near Prom, an area of Panjgur. No causality has been reported.

On May 27, a mortar shell fired from Iranian side in Panjgur district of Balochistan had killed one person.

On May 21, at least five mortar shells were fired into Taftan, Balochistan from the Iranian border.

June 20, 2017

Indian navy - Indigenous Floating Dock for IN made by M/s L&T India

Afgan Army Capt Abdul Rahim who lost both hands in blast got new hands in India

The Bundeswehr clear Mines out of the way

Islamic State Releases Video Showing Execution Of 8 #US-Backed Jaish Maghawir Al-Thourah Fighters In Deir Ez Zor

Afghanistan suicide bombers

Ramadan Bombathon in China

in fear of social unrest,  Chinese govt said it's pressure cooker accident & hid attacker ID.

London - Paddington Station - "Allahu Akbar"

Tokyo's last line of defense against N. Korean missiles

France: Failed Islamic terrorist attack on Champs Elysees in Paris

Don't stand up in Urinals - Preacher

If you urinate standing up you are an animal

Pakistani ambassador drinking water in Ramadan
after being asked about Pakistan Army sponsoring of terrorists 

Venezuela after SOCIALISM - at Francisco Fajardo in Caracas today

Drone videos of Iranian missiles hitting their targets in Syria

These video are allegedly taken by Iranian drones operating over Syria while a ballistic missile attack by being carried out by the IRGC on Jun. 18.

2 Pakistani Navy sailors gunned down by Islamists

Two sailors of Pakistan Navy were martyred and three others sustained gunshot wounds when troublemakers riding motorcycles opened fire on them in a marketplace of the coastal township of Jiwani, Gwadar district, hours before Iftar on Monday.

The navy personnel were boarding their vehicle after buying food items for Iftar in the market when gunmen pulled up near their vehicle and started firing indiscriminately, according to a spokesperson for Pakistan Navy.

Gwadar Deputy Commissioner Naeem Bazai also confirmed the deadly shooting which, according to sources, was carried out by four gunmen riding two motorcycles. The attackers managed to flee unidentified and unchallenged.

Two sailors were fatally shot, while four others sustained critical gunshot wounds. One of them died on the spot, while the other succumbed to his injuries while being driven to hospital. The injured were first ferried to Turbat where medics referred them to Karachi for specialised treatment of their critical wounds.

Test pilot preparing for first flight of Gripen E

Dassault aircraft on Show - 2017 Paris Air Show - Dassault Aviation

Brazilian SWAT Police Take Written Exam With Tear Gas

ha ha ha

F-35 Aerial Demonstration Debut at 2017 Paris Air Show

Take-off at Paris Air Show

Kepler telescope finds 10 new Earth-like planets

June 19, 2017

Palestinian nursery shows how to kill

Czech President Vaclav Klaus calls for the Czech Republic to leave the EU to stop forced multiculturalism.

Europe is sinking......get out of EU

Video shows IRGC's surface-to-surface missile headed from western Iran to terrorists' HQ in Syria's Dayr al-Zawr

Chinese retired Long March nuclear submarine in the Naval Museum.

Islamic State Suicide attack on Iraqi Forces

Aviators True Stories - Nicolas - Navigational Mechanic

Embraer at Paris Air Show 2017

U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier does a high-speed turn

US Special Forces operator turned aid-worker runs through ISIS gunfire to save child

Islamic State today

Dutch police pelted with stones by "Allahu Akbar" shouting youths after a car crash

Send the hooligans back to the middle east

A380plus: Even more efficient, still unique

Bundeswehr Olympix 2017 - Impressions

Russian Army 2017 - : Landing platoon

Russian ARMY 2017: Masters of the artillery fire


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